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OKAPI Wild Berries/Wild Seeds - Health Box Subscription

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You have the choice of a bag of Wild Seeds or Wild Berries to add to the health box subscription.

Wild horses regularly supplement their high-fibre diet with the fruits of plants, both oily seeds (e.g. OKAPI wild seeds) and berries. These provide high-quality vitamins and secondary plant substances that support the natural metabolism. Scattered outside or added to the feed, OKAPI Wild Berries are a welcome and healthy change, especially on the winter diet or in summer for horses that have only limited access to pasture.

OKAPI Wild Seeds should be soaked in warm water for 15 minutes before feeding so that they can be fully absorbed by the horse. OKAPI Wild Seeds do not need to be boiled, as warm water is sufficient. They can also be added to a mash.

Wild Berries Composition: Blueberries, elderberries, raspberries, rose hips, aronia berries, barberry berries, hawthorn fruit, cranberries, sea buckthorn fruit, sloe fruit, blackcurrants

Wild Seeds Composition: 100% wild seed mix containing: Camelina sativa, chia, rosehip seeds, black cumin,  evening primrose seeds, blue poppy seeds, Perilla seeds, safflower seeds, sesame seeds


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