About Us

Lorraine Dearnley

I initially did a BSc. in Applied Biology followed on by an MSc. in Haematology and I spent several years working in various hospital laboratories in London and the South, working in the Haematology departments. 

I have been involved with horses for over 30 years, and own a variety of horses and ponies. I have had experience of dealing with gastric ulcers in horses, and have also got a pony with PSSM1. I have also taken my horses and ponies barefoot, so can relate my experiences with this if you are interested.

I found the Masterson Method® by accident and couldn't believe the results I was getting with my horses, which led me to take this career path. I haven't yet found a horse or pony that doesn't like it and can't benefit from it. It works well with tricky horses as you can only go at their pace, so they learn to trust the results. 

Since training in this method I have now trained in several other techniques and am a TBT (Tucker Biokinetic) Practitioner as well as able to do fascia and trauma release. I have also done courses with Caroline Ingraham in Equine Zoopharmacognosy so am able to offer oils if needed.

In the Autumn of 2020, one of my ponies developed laminitis with rotation and distal descent of the pedal bone in both front feet. This took me on another learning 'opportunity' which is when I took an online course with Dr Christina Fritz. The course really opened my eyes on nutrition for hindgut health and I changed all my horse's feeding regimes. I also used some of the herbal products from Dr Fritz and was amazed at the results so I then became the UK reseller for OKAPI herbs. Dr Fritz is now doing in-person courses in the UK and also training me so I can help horses in the UK with metabolic issues. 

I do think that there is so much for us all to learn so we can help our horses as much as possible as they are so complex. I believe that nutrition and hindgut health is key to enable the body to function correctly which is why I am passionate in being able to help more horses and their owners.