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OKAPI Four Seasons Feed - Subscription Service

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OKAPI Four Seasons Feed can be used for seasonal support throughout the year, offering herbs that your horse may naturally seek out at particular times of the year.

This is a subscription package so you will automatically get sent your next bag of herbs, to last for the upcoming two months. Please make sure you select the correct size bag for your equines, otherwise it won't last for the whole two month period.

In order to receive the herbs in time for each cycle, you will need to have subscribed the month before i.e. for the Winter Pasture herbs you will need to have subscribed by the start of November, and the same for each ongoing product. 

If you would like to see what individual herbs are included with each bag, please click on the individual OKAPI Four Seasons Feed products in the online shop.

The list of Four Seasons products that you will get and when are:

Winter Pasture - December/January

Springtime - February/March

Pasture Start - April/May

Summer Herbs - June/July

Moulting Support - August/September

Autumn Days - October/November

Please note the package sizes are suitable for the following size of pony/horse for 2 months:

2.5kg - small pony

5kg - large pony

10kg - horse


How long will the product last me?

2.5kg suitable for a small pony for 2 months
5kg suitable for a large pony for 2 months
10kg suitable for a horse for 2 months