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OKAPI Four Seasons Feed - Pasture Start (April/May)

Vital support as the grazing changes

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Feeding Instructions: OKAPI Pasture Start should be given for a maximum of two consecutive months from April to May. Then we recommend switching to OKAPI Summer Herbs.

OKAPI Pasture Start can be fed dry or dampened and they can be added to mash, concentrates or soaked grass pellets.

OKAPI four seasons feed is not a complete feed and must therefore be supplemented with minerals. Contact us for advice on the best mineral supplement for your horse.

Feeding Recommendations:  The maximum amount for horses is 150g per horse per day, whereas ponies get about half this amount depending on their size.

Composition: 100% herbal mixture containing: Green oat herb, rose petals, dandelion herb and roots, yarrow, mugwort, speedwell, blueberry leaves, milk thistle seeds, fennel, meadowsweet, parsnip, willow bark, celery leaves, rosemary, horseradish root, angelica root, blueberries, oak bark, wormwood, walnut leaves

Analytical Contents: Crude protein: 10.0% Crude oils / fats: 3.4% Crude fibre: 22.2% Crude ash: 8.0% Calcium: 0.72% Phosphorus: 0.28% Sodium: 0.02%

Supplementary feed for horses.

Store in a cool and dry place

How long will the product last me?

2.5kg is sufficient for 2 months for small ponies
5kg is sufficient for 2 months for ponies
10kg is sufficient for 2 months for horses