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OKAPI ColoBalance

Supports the intestinal environment during watery faeces/diarrhoea

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Feeding Instructions: OKAPI ColoBalance can be given alongside veterinary therapy for faecal water, diarrhoea or inflammatory bowel problems. The high purity of humid acid (up to 70%) supports the natural intestinal environment. OKAPI ColoBalance can also be given when the horse has eaten too much soil, bark or acorns or with any other feed which is problematic for the intestines, such as haylage. 

OKAPI ColoBalance is palatable for most horses and can be fed over soaked grass pellets or damp hay.

OKAPI ColoBalance can be fed with OKAPI Bitter Herbs, OKAPI Liquorice Extract, OKAPI Lapacho Bark or OKAPI ColoProtect Forte.

Feeding Recommendations: Horses can have 50g a day, with ponies half this amount depending on their size. If necessary, the dose can be doubled.

Composition: Leonardite (98%), lignocellulose (2%)

Analytical Contents: Crude protein: 3.6% Crude fat: 0.9% Crude fibre: 12.3% Crude ash: 37.4% Calcium: 5.161% Phosphorus: 0.076% Sodium: 0.050% Moisture content: 37%

Supplementary feed for horses.

Store in a cool and dry place

How long will the product last me?

750g will last for around 1-2 weeks
1.8kg will last for around 4-5 weeks