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OKAPI Clickerlis Light

Cereal free treats for a great reward!

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Feeding Recommendation: As treats or alternative to performance feed depending upon the horse’s basic forage and energy needs

Feeding Instructions: OKAPI Clickerlis Light contain natural ingredients only and are tenderly prepared by hand in our bakery. Our tried and tested summer herb blend combined with carrot juice and honey make it a coveted but low-calorie snack. OKAPI Clickerlis Light can effortlessly be torn to right size chunks and are therefore ideally suited for tricks or clicker training.

Ingredients: Herbal blend (containing: oat herb, cornflowers, chamomile, oregano, peppermint leaves, chervils, lady‘s mantle, lime blossoms, common knotgrass, chicory, Iceland moss, marjoram, marigold, pansy, willowherb, hawthorn berries, burdock root, mullein, melissa, aniseed), carrot juice, psyllium (whole), honey, guar gum, lingzhi (ganoderma lucidum)

Analytical contents: Crude protein: 10.8%, Crude fat: 5.3%, Crude fibre: 16.1%, Crude ash: 4.3%, Calcium: 0.52%, Phosphorus: 0.40%, Sodium: 0.07%

How long will the product last me?

120g lasts around 1 week
300g lasts around 2 weeks
900g lasts around 6 weeks