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OKAPI Calming Herbs

Calming when in stressful situations

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Feeding Instructions: Even with the best management it is not always possible to avoid our horses being exposed to stressful situations. This includes events such as fireworks, travel, herd changes in the yard or field, hospitalisation, box rest or just a change in routine. These events can be extremely stressful for the horse, even if we think they seem fairly mild. 

OKAPI Calming Herbs can support your horse through these stressful situations.

It is best to start one to two weeks before the planned stressful event and continue for one to two weeks afterwards. In this way you can support your horse with any emotional traumas.

OKAPI Calming Herbs can be given dry over the feed or infused as a tea. It can also be combined with OKAPI Relax.

Feeding Recommendations: Add dry or moistened to the feed or sprinkle over the hay. Horses receive 30-50g a day (about a handful) and ponies about half this amount, depending on their size.

Composition: 100% herbal mixture containing: Hop cones, verbena, lemon balm, valerian root, hemp, lavender flowers, passion flower, cinnamon

Analytical Contents:Crude protein: 16.1%, Crude oils / fats: 6.96% Crude fibre: 14.8% Crude ash: 9.04% Calcium: 1.24% Phosphorus: 0.43% Sodium: 0.057%

Supplementary feed for horses.

Store in a cool and dry place

How long will the product last me?

500g will last for around 10-14 days
1kg will last for around 3-6 weeks