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OKAPI Bitter Herbs

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Feeding Instructions: OKAPI Bitter Herbs should not be fed on a continuous basis for more than six to eight weeks. After that, it is recommended to pause for four to six weeks or feed a different blend of herbs. This also suits a horse’s natural eating beha- viour. To alternate OKAPI Bitter Herbs, OKAPI Detox Herbs and OKAPI Grazing Herbs every two weeks during winter has proven effective.

Feeding Recommendation: Add dry or soaked to standard feed or sprinkle over the hay. Horses get 30-50 g daily (about a handful), ponies about half this amount, depending on their size.

Ingredients: 100% herbal blend, containing: Yarrow, couch grass root, blackberry leaves, oregano, fennel, caraway, dandelion roots, neem leaves, blueberries, oak bark, wormwood, coriander

Analytical Contents: Crude ash: 7.1%, Crude protein: 10.7%, Crude fibre: 20.0%, Crude fat: 6.9%, Calcium: 1.07%, Phosphorus: 0.29%, Sodium: 0.03%