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Monthly Case Studies via Zoom (for professionals)- with Dr Fritz - MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION

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As a therapist, you will always get cases that test your knowledge, whether it is symptoms that you have seen before but you can’t get a conclusive answer from textbooks, horses that don’t seem to respond to typical therapies, or a case that seems to get worse rather than better. With these cases it can be hard to find someone knowledgable with whom you can discuss ideas.

These case discussions are exactly what you need, as the cases that you put forward will be analysed with professional guidance, and give you possible causes as well as therapy plans. You will discuss medical and scientific theories as well as personal experiences, so that you can use this knowledge to go straight out and treat the horses without having to spend time yourself looking up details. You can also learn from other case histories that are discussed so that you are prepared for all the tricky cases that you might encounter. You will receive tips for other therapeutic measures as well as further diagnostics to help identify the problem.

The case discussions are aimed at equine therapists/professionals (with proof) who want to expand and deepen their knowledge as well as working with other like-minded people. We work with the Zoom platform, which will work with any browser whether at home on the computer, or on the go on your smartphone or tablet. The case discussions will be recorded and made available for 10 days after the discussion date.

Dates, topics and conditions can be found here

Date: once a month, for approximately 2 hours from 6-8pm (GMT)

Dates 2024: 15th January, 19th February, 18th March, 8th April, 6th May, 3rd June, 1st July, 26th August, 16th September, 14th October, 18th November, 9th December

Live or recording: The live sessions take place once a month for approximately 2 hours. You can participate live and/or watch the recording, which will be available for 10 days afterwards.

Procedure: After registering for the case discussion, you will be sent access to the Zoom meeting. You can send questions and cases in advance via email, which must be submitted up to 48 hours beforehand. For the case discussions you will need to supply a case history including photos and blood works. All information can be found in the email which you will receive as a registration confirmation.

Your cases will be discussed anonymously and without any details of the horse owner. You can also register anonymously if you do not wish the other participants to see your full name.

Prerequisite: You can only participate in these dates if you are an equine therapist/professional yourself or are in our training programme. After registration, please send us proof of this via email to

Cost: £450 (normally £45/month) or €500 (if you wish to pay in Euros, please select 'bank transfer' at checkout and bank details will be sent to you).

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