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Colon Restoration Plan Products

To help restore the hindgut, for non-laminitics

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OKAPI Bitter Herbs (Weight)
OKAPI Lapacho Bark (Weight)
OKAPI Liquorice Extract (Weight)

Please check each individual product for ingredients and recommended guidelines for use.

The Bitter Herbs and Lapacho Bark should be used for 6 weeks, with the Liquorice Extract being used 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on. Please do not use Liquorice Extract if your horse has a history of laminitis/has sensitive feet/could be at risk of laminitis. Please also follow anti-doping rules for Liquorice Extract.

Bitter Herbs: 30-50g a day per horse

Lapacho Bark: 1-2 spoons a day (1 spoon =8g) per horse

Liquorice Extract: 1-2 spoons twice a day (1 spoon =2g) per horse


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