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Coppermead Equestrian Services

OKAPI Hemp Clickerlis

Healthy supplement and reward

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Feeding information: Only whole hemp plants are used for OKAPI hemp treats. Most horses like to enjoy them as a reward or as an addition to their daily feed. Hemp naturally contains cannabidiol (CBD) as well as a high content of proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals and should therefore not be given over 100g per horse per day. Ideal grain-free treat during training sessions.

Feeding recommendation: Depending on the basic feed and work performance of the horse as a reward or as an alternative to concentrated feed.

Composition: Hemp (EU-certified industrial hemp, whole plant)

Analytical components and contents: Crude ash: 15.3% Crude protein: 18.7%, Crude fat: 7.7%, Crude fibre: 22.7%, Sodium: 0.03%, Calcium: 3.9%, Phospho- rus: 0.47%

How long will the product last me?

800g lasts around 1-3 weeks
2.4kg lasts around 2-8 weeks